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Buyer-Seller chat

17/04/2019 0 Comment(s)

Hello guys!! Welcome back,

Today we are going to launch Buyer-Seller chat module as many clients placed request that this is most importanant segment that they need before going to purchase any product. As in today's world, communication is most importanant wherever you go, either shopping or outing..So here finally we implement chat module. 

Olayko Marketplace Buyer-Seller Chat module establishes a direct communication between buyer and seller.The buyer can initiate the chat with any seller regarding their query or doubt. The buyer and seller can chat with each other very conveniently. Whenever buyer will close the chat box, all message will be deleted and seller will unable to chat with buyer. 

The Buyer can chat with seller very easily and vice versa. When Buyer will remove the chat box, all chat history will be deleted from both buyer and seller end. Multiple chats can be done at a single time. Now the buyer and seller can have the direct communication. Buyer can use Smiley for making your conversation more interactive. Seller will have the option for being Online or Offline. Seller can delete the chat history of any buyer. The Buyer can see chat box at any seller product page. The Buyer must be Logged In for initiating chat with seller. After login buyer can chat with seller. If buyer can close the chat box then chat history will be deleted and seller will unable to chat with buyer. Buyer can only chat with the seller, if seller is online. To initiate the chat, seller need to login and after that seller can chat with buyer. Seller have an option for being Online or Offline and seller can also delete the chat of the buyer.  

So..enjoy shopping here with this pre-communication module with seller.

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