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o        o    Upon successful delivery the product to the buyer’s destination then seller is eligible to receive their product payment from us.

o    Seller will not get paid in the following situation:

> If the buyer & seller dispute is going on.

> Seller received the returns but fails to re-delivered the product.

> Seller dispatch the product but not received by the buyer.

o    Our commission is 10% of the product value & that is include in the product cost.

o    If product value is 100  & same paid by buyer to us then seller will receive 90 € as we deduct 10% as our commission.

o    If buyer claims returns/exchange cost and same is approved under the stipulated situation then that cost will occur on account of seller & same will be deducted from the seller’s payment.

o    This returns/exchange cost will be transferred to the buyer’s account by our end.

o    Seller’s payment will transfer our system within seven working days upon successful closing the delivery.

o    If the seller keep paypal module as payment then he will get paid/transfer through paypal or if he keep bank transfer as payment then he will get paid through International wire transfer.

o    Paypal payment received in one day.

o    International wire transfer delivered the payment in 5 to 6 working days.

o    Seller ensure that all details of banking for wire transfer are correct to receive the payment.

o    We are no more responsible if the payment transfer goes to wrong details that keeps by seller, and that is completely beyond the control of our system.

o    All currency exchange rates are define by FOREX/Banking system that is also beyond the control of our system.

o    All transfer charges are goes to the on account of seller.

o    We are not familiar with the local tax of  your country hence It is seller’s responsibility to handle their respective countries taxation part.

o    In the event if seller not received their payment in stipulated time then he may contact to our customer care or write to us at with all details.