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Communication to buyer

o    Buyer Seller Communication module allows the buyers and sellers to communicate with each other and keep a record of their communication. In this module, a buyer can send the message to seller with attachment and in the same way, sellers can make a reply to the buyer.

  • Buyer can send messages directly to the seller.
  • Buyer can add attachments with the message.
  • Sellers can reply to the buyer’s query.
  • The seller can add attachments to the message.
  • Buyer/seller can delete the particular message.
  • Buyer/seller can search messages using the subject keyword.

o    A seller can check and reply the messages in the same way as it is done by the buyer from account section. The seller can go to Account->Communication History. From here seller can check all the received and sent messages, also reply to the buyer.

o    After clicking on view, the complete thread will get open and seller can check the message and reply to the customer.

o    From communication history,  seller can search the messages using the keywords in the subject line. To search message you just need to type keyword in search box and press enter.

o     Sellers can delete their messages, they just need to select the message and click on delete button. The deleted messages will be shown under Trash tab.