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Ship to customer

  • Upon accepting the order, seller keep the product handy for delivery.
  • Before deliver, it is advise to perform quality check on particular product.
  • Seller ensure that the product is perfectly match with the product which is ordered by buyer.
  • It is assume that, before delivery seller should check product details i.e. color, size, brand etc.
  • Seller should search local e-commerce logistic solution to deliver the product to the buyer’s destination.
  • It is assumed that seller keep their product cost include delivery expense or either take extra shipping cost upon basic product cost define at the time of checkout as vise-versa.
  • Sellers can set the flat rate for their products, or choose csv file to set matrix/table rate for their products or can choose mixed shipping where in the rates will apply if present first for the flat rate and then the matrix/table rates. 
  • It is advise to seller that the product should be handover to the local logistic as early as possible.
  • Before list the product, it is assumed that seller have acquire much more  knowledge of logistic and shipping of the product to the destination of the buyer.  
  • All charges of logistic and shipping will occur on account of seller.
  • Seller ensure that the product should be pack in the manner like it will not be any kind of damage during the transit period.
  • Once product handover to the logistic, seller should change the status of the product as ‘shipped’ in their dashboard.
  •  Seller keeps all the record of a product delivery and same has to pass this information to the buyer.
  • For this seller can communicate to the buyer through Buyer-seller communication module in their e-shop dashboard.
  • It is seller’s responsibility to deliver the product to the buyer’s destination safely and securely.
  • Upon conformation of the successful delivery by the buyer, seller change the status as ‘Delivered’ in their dashboard.