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Order management

  • Upon successful placing order by buyer, immediate seller will receive notification with details of product.
  • Seller needs to navigate order history tab under Marketplace option.
  • Here seller can see all details of product for which buyer placed the order.
  • There is also a filter option by which seller can view order history of individual customer.
  • After clicking on view field, the complete Order information will appear. From here seller can do following :
  • Change order status for each product separately.
  • Add tracking number for every product.
  • Add the comment to the order.
  • Print invoice for the order.
  • Here seller have option to accept or reject the order or change the status of the order.
  • Buyer receive notification regarding the changed status and can see immediate in to their dashboard.
  • Each seller can track his total orders, sales, Buyers, sales analytics, low stock products, world map with total sales matrix.
  • Sellers can also track here latest order.